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About Us

Because you want your pest problem solved the first time

Adam’s Pest Control’s commitment to better trained technicians using the latest technology and industry-proven techniques means faster, better solutions to your pest problem. Since 1971, Adam’s has made quality service its number one priority; and every year since, we have invested in more training for our technicians, more state-of-the-art technology and equipment for them to use, and more innovative techniques to solve your pest problem and to keep it from happening again.

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Adam’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy for any reason with the service you receive from Adam’s Pest Control, we will gladly return at no additional cost until the problem is solved and you are completely satisfied.

It’s as simple as that.

No excuses.

No fine print.

At Adam’s, outstanding customer satisfaction has been a family tradition since 1971. We believe it is, and will be, the primary reason for our continued success and growth.

Certified technicians you can trust

Adam’s is committed to providing the best possible customer experience; and that begins with you being comfortable with the technician who is providing the service. 

The National Pest Management Association’s QualityPro program recognizes a commitment to excellence and higher performance standards. Less than 3% of pest control companies in the United States meet these standards for professionalism that exceed mandated state and federal requirements.

Adam’s is proud to be QualityPro accredited by the NPMA for meeting or exceeding the highest professional standards:

  • Adam’s conducts criminal background checks on every employee or technician
  • We maintain a drug-free work-place policy,
  • We conduct a motor vehicle records check on every new employee and use GPS technology on every company vehicle to assure safe driving practices in your neighborhood
  • Adam’s exceeds the QualityPro standard uniform policy by requiring photo identification worn by all of our employees, so you know the technician on your property is who he says he is
  • We exceed the QualityPro customer communications policy assuring you a courteous and prompt response
  • Adam’s exceeds the QualityPro service vehicle standards with safe, clean, and easily identifiable vehicles
  • Adam’s exceeds QualityPro and state mandated minimum liability insurance policy requirements of $50,000 by maintaining up to $7,000,000 worth of coverage
  • We agree to regular audits ensuring adherence to QualityPro certification requirements
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Extensive ongoing training means solving the right problem.

We believe our technicians can better control a pest if they have a thorough knowledge of its biology and habits. Correctly identifying the pest is fundamental to eliminating it from your home or business. Knowing how it forages for food, where it lives, and its reproductive habits often allow us to not only treat the presenting problem, but also the cause.

  • Every new technician undergoes extensive classroom and field training.
  • All of our technicians are fully licensed and certified before being allowed to work on their own.
  • We encourage all of our technicians to increase their skills and become master licensed. Adam’s has more Master Certified technicians for its size than any other pest control company in Minnesota.
  • All Adam’s technicians attend the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s annual recertification conference.
  • Adam’s technicians are typically a graduate of (or working toward graduating from) Purdue University’s Pest Control Technology courses. Our technicians receive incentives to reach greater levels of education and certification.
  • All of our technicians undergo more than 60 hours of annual continuing education, assuring you the safest and most advanced pest control methods available.

Adam’s and the Environment

Our Mission is to effectively solve and prevent pest problems while protecting health, property, and the environment. Adam’s was the first pest control company in the nation to offer GreenPro-certified services under the National Pest Management Association’s new, higher standards.

Our multifaceted approach to preventing and solving pest problems includes education, exclusion, biological and mechanical means of control, and where appropriate, specifically targeted application of materials using the lowest impact techniques practical.

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