What’s a technician’s typical day like?

A day in the work life of an Adam’s pest control technician is a busy one. The first thing most technicians do is check their work assignments for the day and make sure their vehicles are fully stocked with the products and tools for the jobs they have to complete that day.

Your daily stops may include single-family residences or commercial businesses like apartments, warehouses, offices, healthcare facilities, and restaurants.  With the use of sophisticated routing software and onboard technology, service scheduling has become much simpler and more effective. Commercial technicians’ routes primarily are to perform regular pest control maintenance for the company’s existing customer base, while residential technicians’ appointments are scheduled for them and include many more calls from new customers who are experiencing serious or persistent pest problems.

Never bored.

Because of where we live, we don’t have a predominant pest like other areas of the country (such as termites or scorpions). Therefore, in a single day an Adam’s pest professional might solve infestations and invasions of crawling and flying insects, spiders, and rodents. There might be wood destroying insects, biting insects, stinging insects, harmless but annoying bugs, and pests that can introduce health risks.

Adam’s pest professionals follow a specific protocol. They usually first talk with the customer about the issue and then they conduct a thorough examination of the infested area, carefully looking for sources and causes of the pest problem. The Adam’s professional then discusses the findings with the customer and informs the customer about the various methods that are available to solve the issue. The technician then performs the service, which typically involves spraying an appropriate insecticide and/or pesticide in the correct quantity or simply setting traps. Before the technicians leaves the job site, he or she explains the service that was performed and informs the customer of steps that can be taken to prevent or minimize a re-infestation.

As you can tell, being an Adam’s pest professional requires many skills, including patience in dealing with customers who are often distressed about their infestation; hunting skills for finding the pest and its source; biology and chemistry for understanding the pest and effectively treating it; and teaching skills to educate the customer about pests and how to prevent them.

Always growing.

Adam’s pest professionals are always growing in knowledge and experience. They are constantly learning more, from internal company training, vendor training, field-testing, and state required continuing education courses.

A great living.

At the end of the day you will likely return home tired from a job that can be challenging at times. But you will also be feeling satisfaction and pride in a job well done and knowing that you helped out your customers. You will look forward to tomorrow and the unique challenges the day will bring; confident in your ability and the support of the entire Adam’s team.

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