Pest Management Professional Qualifications

Adam’s service technicians are licensed Pest Management Professionals (PMP). As an Adam’s PMP you will typically service residential homes and cabins, or commercial businesses and institutions such as restaurants, schools, grocery stores, hospitals, food processing plants, warehouses, offices, and retail malls.

Most of your work will be contracted, year 'round and focused on prevention, as well as exterminating problem pests.

Whether you have many years of experience or none at all, you will receive extensive, ongoing training.

Adam’s training process begins with one-on-one classroom training with our entomologist, Dr. Mohammed El Damir. At the conclusion of the classroom training, you'll become licensed through the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (and with any additional states in which you will service accounts). Even if you have been a licensed PMP in the past, you are required by the State to obtain a new license when you change employment. Once licensed, you will receive field training with a Service Manager.

Adam's provides continuing education through our Monthly Training Meetings and online training modules. You will attend the University of Minnesota's pest conference each spring. You will also be encouraged and will be given a significant monetary incentive to complete and pass Purdue University's Pest Control Technology course. With experience, additional courses will be made available to you.

Ability to work independently

Adam’s PMPs typically operate out of their trucks and from their homes throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. This allows the PMP to be closer to their customers for better response times and more efficient service delivery. Adam’s provides you with the truck and all the tools and equipment necessary to provide the services.

Ability to build relationship

Providing technically sound and consistent services is only one aspect of what it takes to be a successful Adam’s PMP. You should also be able to develop relationships with your customers – some of whom may be distressed over their pest problem. Being comfortable talking with your customers -- explaining the service you provided and how the customer can prevent the problem from recurring-- is an important skill you should have. You also should be able to work independently and be organized.  You should:

  • Have the eyes of a tracker

  • Have the mind of a detective

  • Like to help people

  • Like variety

  • Like to learn

  • Be self-motivated

  • Be responsible

  • Be looking for opportunities to advance

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