"The Best of Pest Jests and Other Tails"

By Harold Leyse
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"The Best of Pest Jests" draws on cartoons, jokes, quotes, and stories to relay the most memorable moments – “the amusing, funny, or just plain stupid” – of the author’s five decades in pest control. Through both personal accounts (a brush with the “Norwegian Mafia”) and second-hand tales (a fellow exterminator’s ghost-busting experience), Harold Leyse follows the changes, challenges, and evolution of pest control. The coupling of pest cartoons with Harold’s dry, sometimes self-directed, humor is sure to kindle memories and evoke laughter from anyone who has ever provided pest control services, had a pest control service performed, or even tried to drive out a single cockroach, mouse, or bat from their home or business.

Like many in the industry, Harold Leyse became a pest control technician as a young adult at the urging of a friend—then enjoyed it so much that he not only stayed, he started his own pest control company not far from the small town in Minnesota where he was born. Nearly 50 years later, Harold retired, leaving a thriving business to his son and daughter, and—to the industry that gave so much to him—he leaves a “truly Leyse” legacy of jests, trivia and “tails.”

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Harold Leyse, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Adam's, along with illustrator Cliff Johnson, created a series of Pest Management Industry joke books called Pest Jests. Here are a few examples.

  • Podiatrist
  • Bed Bug In Bed
  • Rest In Piece
  • Snake Cartoon
  • Raccoons
  • Animal in Fireplace
  • Bird
  • For The Do-It-Yourselfer
  • "Unmarked" Vehicles
  • New Company Risk
  • Hairnet
  • Hear No Evil
  • Fly Source
  • Hood Ornament
  • Mosquito Dinner
  • Norway Rat

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