Walden, Josh

Commercial Tech


Ext: #841

Where did you grow up?

Reno, NV

Where did you attend High School?

Reno High School

What did you do before Adam’s?

Marine Corps, and Sheriff for Washoe County. Then moved to Minnesota and started at Adam’s.

Tell us about your family

My wife Amy and we have two daughters, Madalyn and Leslie

What is your favorite food/restaurant

Anything I can grill.

If you could try anything and not fail (and money was not an object) what dream would you attempt?

I’d like to be an architect.

Tell us about how you enjoy your free time/hobbies

Spending time with the family, camping, art, shooting, reading, and fishing.

What do you hope to do when you are retired, and where would you like to be located?

I would like to retire where I am currently at and just fish a lot.