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vole in backyard of minnesota home

Voles look cute and harmless, but they are a real pain when it comes to managing your lawn for spring and summer. Voles on your property are destructive. Learn about the problems caused by voles, and how you can prevent the little critters from invading your property. Continue

pavement ant up close

There are a few species of ants found living in our area, and besides the question of “how do I get rid of these ants from my house”; we are often asked the question, “are these ants dangerous?" The answer to that question is that it really depends on the species of ant that has invaded your property! Continue

technician explaining ongoing pest control services

Are you starting to see spiders crawling around your home? It isn't surprising. While spiders have a natural antifreeze that allows them to survive the cold temperatures of winter, they don't prefer to be cold. In fact, the cold slows them down. When things warm up, spiders speed up too. So, it isn't surprising at all that you're seeing spiders. Continue

emerald ash borer on leaf

An ash tree can grow for decades, becoming a centerpiece for a yard or an area of property. They are stately trees with a network of trunks and branches that add incredible character to a home or business. For some people, these trees are like a part of the family. So, when emerald ash borers attack, it can be devastating. These pests bore into the wood and lay their eggs. When larvae hatch, they… Continue

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