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mother helping daughter prepare dorm room

Right around this time each year millions of teens and young adults around the country are on their way back to college for another year of higher learning. The future looks bright for these collegiates as they move into dorm rooms on campus as well as off-campus apartments and get ready to start the year off right. In all of the excitement it is very easy to forget the little details that can… Continue

bat on wall

Bats, you either love them or you hate them. The truth about bats is that out in nature they are a beneficial species, they help to control populations of nuisance and dangerous insects including those pesky biting mosquitoes and dangerous stinging insects! But, bats can also become a huge nuisance and threat to people, especially when they decide to make their home inside of a business or… Continue

wasp nest up close

Summer is a time for outdoor concerts, BBQ’s, pool days, and lazy afternoons; however, it is also the season where stinging insects like wasps are out and about, frantically collecting food for their colony and building their numbers. This means that while spending more time outside this summer, you, your family and your pets are going to come in contact with wasps more often than not! Continue

chipmunk sitting on rock

Chipmunks have got to be one of the cutest little rodents ever! These little energy-filled bundles of reddish brown fur dart here and there always chattering as they go. They seem to be on a never-ending quest to frolic and play. It can actually be quite amusing to watch these hyperactive little rodents as they chirp and flit and chase each other through your backyard; but have you ever really… Continue

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