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101 Ways You Could Bring Bed Bugs Home

Do you love a good book? Where do you enjoy reading your books? If you’re like most people, you probably like getting in a little reading time just before bed. That means that book is going to end up on your nightstand, right next to your bed. And that is why bed bug infestations have been found in public libraries. You’re not the only one who does that. If a home has bed bugs, and someone from that home goes to the library, these hitchhiking bugs could go with them. Bed bugs are known to lay their eggs in the creases and bindings of books. And since bed bug eggs don’t need a mother to hatch, they can start an infestation wherever they go. Bed bugs can also hitch a ride inside book bags, pocketbooks, clothing, and more. And, this is just one of the many ways these blood-eating pests spread and start a new infestation.

Here are some places you might pick bed bugs up, and why.

Planes, trains, buses, taxis, subways, and other public transport: Lots of people use public transportation. If they are carrying these pests on them, those bugs can crawl out and get on someone else fairly quickly. They can also infest public transportation. Bed bugs can feed on humans even when they are fully awake, so you may not even know you are being bitten.

Motels, hotels, resorts, apartments, condo’s, time-shares and other places people pay to spend the night: You probably already know this one, but what you may not know is that bed bugs can be in the cleanest places. They are not attracted to filth. They are attracted to blood.

High schools, middle schools, and elementary schools: Yup. Bed bugs are in schools–and not because kids fall asleep at their desks. Wherever lots of people come in and go out, bed bugs can be. If you have kids, they can bring those bed bugs home.

Movie theaters, assisted living centers, other people’s homes, police station call centers, the United Nations, college dormitories, summer camps, theme parks, and the list goes on and on: Are you getting the point? Whenever you leave your home, whether it is to go on a trip, go to a public venue, go to school, or go to work, you can pick up bed bugs and bring them home with you.

I know, we didn’t exactly list 101 ways, but as you can clearly see, it wouldn’t be hard to!

The bed bug problem in the United States is out of control, but with a knowledge of what these bugs look like and what signs they give when they are infesting, you can better protect your home from an infestation. And, if you are unfortunate enough to get these bugs in your home, get a professional pest control company to remove them. Bed bugs are a nightmare to live with and extremely hard to eradicate without a proper education and experience.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite at all, anywhere. Get Adam’s Pest Control, and bite back.

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