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5 Common Spring Pests To Look Out For In Minnesota

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Minnesota, but with the warmer weather comes an increase in pests. Here are 5 common spring pests in Minnesota and how Adam’s can help eliminate or prevent them.

1. Ants

Ants start to become more active in the spring and are known to invade homes in search of food. Adam’s offers services to prevent and eliminate ants, utilizing products that maximize effectiveness through delayed action. With ants being social creatures, the delayed action allows the ant to come in contact with more ants before the product takes effect.

2. Ticks

Ticks are prevalent in wooded areas and tall grass and can carry dangerous diseases like Lyme disease. In the warmer months of the year, always check yourself, your pets, and your kids for ticks after being outside. Adam’s can help reduce your tick population through our tick/mosquito service. Our tick and mosquito service helps you make the most out of being outside in the spring and summer.

Deer Tick On Skin
Tick – parasitic arachnid blood-sucking carrier of various diseases

3. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes thrive in warm, humid weather and can quickly become a nuisance when you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors. They may not be a big issue in the cooler parts of earlier Spring, but they ramp up in population as temperatures and rain increase. To prevent mosquitoes eliminate any standing water around your home, as this is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. As mentioned previously, Adam’s also offers a mosquito service where we are able to cut down on 85% of your mosquitoes. This makes being outdoors a lot more enjoyable in the spring and summer.


4. Spiders

Spiders become more active in the spring as they start to search for food and mates. An Adam’s spider service helps you eliminate and prevent spiders from your home. Another nice bonus about a service that includes spiders is that we will knock down webs around the outside of your home as well!


5. Springtails

Springtails are small insects that are commonly found in moist environments. They can become a nuisance when there’s a lot of rain or when it’s very dry because this makes their natural environment unsuitable for them. They invade homes in large numbers. To prevent springtail infestations, make sure to eliminate any sources of excess moisture in your home, such as leaky pipes or standing water. You can also use a dehumidifier to control humidity in areas such as basements, utility rooms, and bathrooms. If you are struggling with a springtail infestation, Adam’s can help!

While the warmer weather in Minnesota is certainly welcome after a long winter, it also brings an increase in pests that can be a nuisance or even have a negative impact on your health. By taking preventative measures through Adam’s you can keep these pests at bay and enjoy the beautiful weather without worrying about unwanted visitors. You can learn more about our residential services by visiting: Home Pest Services

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