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A Complete Solution for Pest Control

What’s bugging you? Are wasps finding a home in your eaves every fall? Have you been seeing cockroaches skittering across the basement floor, or worse, behind some food packages in your pantry? Are you hearing bumping and scraping in your walls? When these things happen, it is easy to see that pest control is needed, but the biggest threats pests pose to you and your family are often unseen. It is an exposed wire dangling in your wall void because a rodent decided to have a midnight snack. It is a mysterious flu-like illness that keeps sweeping through your family because cockroaches have been crawling around on your plates and silverware. It is the silent and incessant chewing of carpenter ants 24 hours a day, 365 days a year deep inside the support beams of your home. That is why we developed our Premier Home Pest Prevention service plan.

Premier Home Pest Prevention is for residential homeowners who would prefer to deal with pests before they get in and do damage. It is a year-round service with four quarterly visits that target a wide range of household pests. It comes with a detailed inspection, treatments, and a complete, written report of all pest pressures found. Also, if pests are found between visits, we’ll do an emergency visit at no charge.

When you step up to Premier Plus Home Pest Prevention you get the same year-round protection, but with 7 visits instead of 4. With these added visits, we are able to provide a much more effective barrier against pernicious pests like mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. These are blood-eating pests that can make life miserable for everyone in a home, including pets. And, since they are driven by this need to eat blood, there is no hiding their primary food source. You can expect foliage and lawn treatments all summer long and continual bed bug monitoring and inspections. And, if bed bugs are found, we will exterminate them at no additional charge.

Our Premier Pest services include low or no odor pest treatments, cost-effective pest control, reduced rates on services not covered in these plans, and a complete satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with a treatment, for any reason, we’ll re-treat at no additional cost until your problem is solved.

Don’t wait until pests are climbing on your television screen, biting you in your sleep, or climbing in your pantry products. Get 100% protection from targeted pests all year long, starting this year. Make 2016 the year you decide to live pest-free. Guaranteed!

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