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Are Springtails A Welcomed Guest?

Springtails are not only one of the most common insects, they are also one of the most overlooked. These tiny, inconspicuous insects are usually between 1/16th and 1/8th of an inch long. Springtails come in a variety of colors although most are a dark shade of brown, gray or black. They are not equipped with wings but can jump like a flea, but don’t get them confused. Fleas are very hard bodied and flat while the springtails have a rounded, soft body.

Springtails are almost completely harmless. They don’t sting or bite people or pets, nor do they damage property, furniture or clothing. They don’t even get into or contaminate food products and aren’t interested in chewing clothing or upholstery. Even when found on houseplants, they feed on the fungi on the plants or they decayed roots and rarely if ever damage the live plant. So what’s the problem with springtails? They almost sound like welcomed guests; almost!

Even though there are no known threats or damages caused by springtails, they are still considered a nuisance pest. They are capable of showing up in large numbers and too much of anything can instantly become a nuisance. At Adam’s Pest Control, our technicians can eradicate springtails in rapid fashion. We apply treatment to every crack and crevice, around the perimeter as well as strategic spot treatments both inside and outside of the structure. Our products are EPA approved residual pesticides. There are occasions when the frequent migration of springtails onto a property may necessitate repeated pesticide treatments.

Here are some preventive tips that experts here at Adam’s Pest Control recommend that will help keep your home from becoming invaded with springtails:

  • Springtails are attracted to moisture and all moisture problems must be addressed.

  • Any leaking or dripping pipes should be repaired.

  • Water leaks can cause mold. Remove any mold that has built up. Pay close attention to all window and door sills.

  • Run a dehumidifier periodically in areas where there seems to be excessive moisture.

  • Keep moist leaves cleaned up and rain gutters cleaned out.

  • Don’t use excessively deep mulch in your flower beds. Keep it to a minimum of 2-4 inches to allow the mulch to dry out.

  • Keep bushes and trees trimmed back from the house.

  • Inspect the exterior of your home and foundation and repair and seal all cracks and crevices with caulking material.

Maintain these prevention measures on a regular basis to discourage springtails from invading your property. If you aren’t discouraging them from coming over for a visit, then you’re saying that they are a welcomed guest. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At the first indication of an infestation, contact Adam’s Pest Control for removal of springtails and all other household pests.

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