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Commercial Pest Control And American Cockroaches

If you own a business in Minnesota, you are, no doubt, aware that cockroaches are unwanted intruders that can create many issues. Cockroaches aren’t just a problem for businesses in the food industry. These dirty pests invade government buildings, apartment complexes, college dormitories, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and more.

One of the cockroaches seen quite often in all of these businesses is the aptly named American cockroach. As one might expect, the American cockroach can be found all over the United States. And, when they get into businesses, here are a few of the problems they can bring with them.

American Cockroaches In Businesses

  • These are disgusting bugs that cause most people to be repulsed. But, these are more than just visually disgusting bugs.

  • Cockroaches can contaminate food, eating utensils, and food prep areas. Studies have linked cockroaches to the spread of many human pathogens, including Salmonella and E. coli.

  • No business needs a problem with health inspectors. A presence of American cockroaches in a building is one of the fastest ways to fail a health inspection.

  • Cockroaches can destroy paper products and fabrics when they invade a structure.

  • If these insects enter in large numbers they can stain surfaces, furniture, and other objects.

  • Large infestations of cockroaches will also create a pungent odor that will be disagreeable for employees and customers alike.

  • The saliva, feces, and cast skins of cockroaches have been linked to an increase of symptoms in those who suffer with asthma. When these allergens are deposited in air ducts, they can become airborne throughout an entire building.

  • Few customers want to return to a business that has these repulsive bugs in it, but a business can be harmed by cockroaches even if they don’t have customers come to visit. Cockroaches squeeze into boxes and have accidentally been shipped with merchandise.

  • American cockroaches are unique in that they can fly. This makes them even more undesirable to have around.

American Cockroach Exclusion For Businesses

Modern Integrated Pest Management works to exclude the American cockroach from businesses while using the least amount of chemical product. A focus on this advanced method of pest management has helped our team earn the designation of QualityPro Green and GreenPro certification. When you need protection you can trust, you can trust Adam’s Pest Control to develop a plan that meets the highest governmental standards–and is also eligible for LEED credits. If these reasons are not enough, we also back our commercial pest control with a satisfaction guarantee.

American cockroaches are not good for Minnesota businesses. Keep these and other dirty pests out with the most advanced commercial pest control in the industry. Reach out to us today and we’ll work with you to design a custom-tailored service plan to meet the specific needs of your business.

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