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Common Ants Found in Homes of Minnesota and Wisconsin

Minnesota and Wisconsin Ants
Common Ants Inside Homes in Minnesota and Wisconsin

Spring means ants are going to become more of a pest issue inside homes. We created this guide so you can differentiate between the two most common ants inside homes in Minnesota and Wisconsin. These are the carpenter ant and the pavement ant. These two ants make up more than 90% of our ant calls when people are seeing ants inside of their home.

Comparing And Contrasting Pavement Ants And Carpenter Ants

If you are comparing pavement ants and carpenter ants, the most noticeable difference is that carpenter ants are much bigger than pavement ants. Carpenter ants also leave behind a material that looks like sawdust and prefer nesting in moist wood. Carpenter ants are very common in Minnesota and Wisconsin because of all of the forests, firewood, decks, and other conducive wood materials that are common in this part of the country. In contrast, pavement ants prefer nesting near or under driveways, slabs, sidewalks, and patios. Both of these ants can eat food inside of homes. The most obvious example would be when food is left out and ants have easy access, but ants can also find other sources of food inside homes such as other bugs or grease.

Why Are Ants Considered A Pest?

Ants are very persistent once inside of a home and they can become a nuisance/sanitation concern. Carpenter ants can also cause damage to wood overtime, especially on decks and windows. This damage is not to the same extent as termites, but can still damage the appearance of wooden materials.

What To Do If You See Ants Inside Your Home

If you see ants inside of your home, you should call Adam’s Pest Control. Our products are very effective because they are centered around an ant getting the product on them and then that ant spreading the product to other ants when they come in contact with each other. This is very effective at addressing satellite nests as well as the main nest. We also offer ongoing preventative ant services so that you can address ants before they become a pest issue inside of your home

If you are unsure of what ant you are seeing, you can submit a picture through our website: Ask The Expert

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