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Do Not Take Carpenter Ants Lightly

Ants are a common pest. They are so common, in fact, that we hardly even notice when they are around. Well, unless they are in our sugar bowl or some other place that we have no choice but to notice! But, we really need to start paying attention to these little pests when they are foraging around in our yards because it won’t be long before they find a way to forage their way right into our homes!

Ants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and they are so numerous that we tend to believe that they are harmless little creatures that pose no real threat at all; but this is not always the case. Take the Pharaoh ant, for example. This ant can spread germs and disease when it invades a hospital. And any ant can contaminate your food supply in the pantry, but it is the carpenter ant that can cause the most trouble.

Carpenter ants are those very large black or red (or a combination of the two) ants that you occasionally see around your home. The problem with carpenter ants is that they will burrow into wood to create a comfortable nesting site for their family which is an ever expanding proposition. This would not be a problem if carpenter ants only chose the trunks of dead or rotting trees as their nesting site, but sometimes they prefer the wood inside your walls, under your floors, or along your porch to live inside. Over time, carpenter ants can severely damage the wood in your home causing extensive repair costs.

So you see, not all ants are created equal, and neither are all pest control providers. Adam’s Pest Control is the right choice for those here in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metroplex. Our licensed pest management professionals can quickly respond to your call. They will correctly identify the species of ant that is invading your home and apply a non-repellent material to the exterior of your home and treat interior areas as necessary. Our experts can help you avoid a re-infestation by identifying areas and conditions that are drawing ants to your home, and with our 2X ant treatment, you can achieve year-round ant control! Adam’s Pest Control offers fast, local response; competitive pricing; friendly service; and 100% customer satisfaction.

Do not allow carpenter ants to damage the structure of your home and keep all species of ants from contaminating the food in your kitchen by partnering with Adam’s Pest Control for your complete ant protection services. To learn more or to receive your free estimate, contact us today.

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