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Fall Invaders: Lady Bugs

There are some household pest invaders that demand immediate action – termites, cockroaches, and mice to name a few. Pest control technicians are quickly called to action for rapid and successful eradication of these pests, but the lady bug does not necessarily fit in that category; even though she can be a big nuisance.   Lady bugs are not poisonous to humans; however, they have been known to have a toxic effect on some animals.  The lady bug does not feed on the structure of your home, paper, plants, furniture, or any other type of fabric. They are not known to carry disease or harmful bacteria to humans or pets, and they do not bite.  So in that aspect, they are rather harmless and can actually be beneficial, at times, to your property by removing aphids…those small, destructive pests that love to devour your live plants.    Nevertheless, not all characteristics of the lady bug are positive.  First of all, an over abundance of anything can become an irritation and a nuisance.  Homeowners certainly don’t want their guests to see any type of bug crawling across the window ledge or flying around inside the house.  Another problem is that lady bugs are capable of emitting a foul odor when disturbed.  The unpleasant odor comes from their blood.  This blood is actually more of a yellow substance and is used as a natural deterrent to ward off predators, and even though it is a light yellow color, it can leave a stain on light colored surfaces and a wretched smell on your hands.   This is the time of year when you will more than likely see lady bugs entering your home.  They begin congregating on the siding of your house and then work their way inside.  Lady Bugs always seem to gather in groups so seeing one of them is a clear sign that several more are on the way.  The lady bug, realizing that winter temperatures are eminent, begins searching for a warm climate in which to hibernate for the next few months.  Your warm home seems to be just the right conditions for a long winter’s nap!   The good news is, if you don’t have a huge invasion of the pretty colored bugs, and they aren’t bothering you, they will make their way outside at the first sign of spring weather.  The best control method, prior to their entrance inside the home, is to seal off all potential points of entry.  Any cracks around windows or doors should be caulked preventing the bugs from gaining access.   Adam’s Pest Control has been providing pest management and prevention services to residential and commercial clients since 1971.  When you contact Adam’s Pest Control, you will find that our friendly staff offers not only extermination services, but also effective prevention methods for those nuisance Lady Bugs and all other pests.  Let us take care of whatever is bugging you!

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