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Fruit Flies Are Often a Problem in Commercial Establishments

Don’t risk your reputation!

The last thing you want in your commercial establishment is fruit flies saying hello to your customers, employees or guests! Fact is, commercial kitchens, cafeterias and lunchrooms are viable breeding grounds for fruit flies, and getting rid of them may call for professional help.

What many people don’t know is, fruit flies are resilient survivors and they will feed and breed in areas you would not expect, such as inside drains, under appliances and floor mats, near food prep and food handling equipment, in vending areas … even around windows, doors and grout joints.

Fruit flies reproduce quickly, going through a life cycle in as short as two weeks at 70°F, or eight days at 85°F. A mated female can lay about 500 eggs in her lifetime.

If not properly managed, these troublesome pests can be a year-round problem. They thrive on any fermenting materials or wherever moist organic matter gathers. Even if you think your establishment is sanitary, it may not be as clean as you think if you see fruit flies on a regular basis.

To control fruit flies, all larvae feeding and breeding sources must be located and immediately removed. It’s recommended to use a proven microbial product that eats away grease, food debris and other wastes (larvae food). Don’t use bleach or any types of boric acid dusts in these areas, as that will deter the bio-product used in the cleaning.

If you’re thinking of using a common pesticide as a control, think again, as this will provide only temporary relief.

If a professional methods are needed, your Adam’s Pest Management Professional (PMP) will use proven residual insecticides in all areas where fruit flies gather and breed. If necessary, your PMP will also apply space treatments using proven aerosols to knock down exposed adult fruit flies. Make sure to discuss important precautionary measures with your PMP before, during and after treatment.

So don’t risk your reputation! Fruit fly management often requires professional methods and materials to identify and remove larvae breeding sources. When properly implemented, prevention and exclusion practices will help keep fruit flies away entirely, or at least keep their numbers well under control.

Visit the fruit flies page for more information!

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