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House Fly Prevention Tips

Are flies driving you crazy? They certainly have that capacity. They make an annoying buzzing sound; they bump into us and, most importantly, they land on our food. Don’t get us started on what they do once they land on our food. It is not savory at all. But you don’t have to put up with flies. Here are some ideas that should help you fight them.

Prevention Tips

These are the prevention methods that will help you prevent non-biting flies from taking over your home.

  • Keep trash sealed. If you have open trash outside your home, they will be an attractant for flies. All non-biting flies can find a meal in a bag of trash that has decaying food in it. Not only do they feed on trash, they also breed in it. When you seal your outside and inside trash in cans, you make it much more difficult for flies to breed. Open trash is always an open invitation for flies.

  • Pet waste. Do you have a pet or several pets? Do they go outside? If so, their waste may be the attractant that is drawing flies in close to your home. And when flies get near your home, it doesn’t take much for them to go into your home with you when you open the door.

  • Screens. Flies are small and versatile insects. It doesn’t take much of a hole in your screens to allow them into your home. Examine all your screens closely and address any holes you find. Also be aware that flies can get through gaps, holes, and cracks in the frame of your windows. If you’re having trouble with tiny flies, you may want to consider fine mesh screens for added protection.

  • Flypaper. If you hang up flypaper ribbon, you are likely to get a few of those flies.

These are the prevention methods for the biting flies that can get into your home.

  • Screens. This is the frontline protection for a wide range of invading pests, including flies that bite.

  • Flypaper. Long before you swat a biting fly, you may catch it with one of these.

The best way to control all invading pests is to have ongoing, year-round pest service for your home. When you have an educated pest technician inspect your property and apply industry-leading pest control protocols, you have protection that attacks all of your pest issues in a systematic way. When flies can’t breed, you don’t have fly problems. When you don’t have any flies, you have fewer spiders. When you have fewer spiders, you’ll have fewer wasps, ticks, and other creatures that target spiders. There is an eco-system around your home. If you’re in our Minnesota service area, let Adam’s Pest Control help you keep it in check.

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