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How to avoid hitchhiking pests on vacation

Vacations are a time for relaxation, exploration, and rejuvenation. However, one unexpected hitchhiker can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare: pests. Whether it’s bedbugs, ticks, or other unwanted critters, these pests can easily sneak into your luggage and accommodations, causing discomfort and potential health hazards. Here are a few ways to minimize pests

Research Accommodations:

Before booking your accommodation, do some research. Look for reviews or reports of pest problems at the hotel, hostel, or rental property you’re considering. Websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp often feature detailed reviews where guests share their experiences, including any encounters with pests. Opt for places with a good reputation for cleanliness and pest control measures in place.

Inspect Your Lodgings:

Upon arrival, take a few minutes to inspect your room or rental property. Check the mattress, headboard, and furniture for any signs of bed bugs such as dark spots or tiny bloodstains. Look for cracks and crevices where pests could hide. Don’t hesitate to request a room change or find alternative accommodations if any pests are found.

Keep Luggage Elevated:

When settling into your room, avoid placing your luggage directly on the floor or bed. Instead, use luggage racks or keep your bags on elevated surfaces like tables or countertops. This simple step can prevent pests from crawling into your belongings and hitching a ride back home with you.

Launder Clothing and Bedding:

Upon returning home from your vacation, launder your clothing and bedding promptly. Use hot water and high heat settings to kill any hitchhiking pests that may have made their way into your belongings. If possible, vacuum your luggage and inspect it thoroughly before storing it away.

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