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Mice in Your Basement

Finding a mouse in your basement is unsettling and can make you fear going down into your basement altogether, but beyond creepiness, there are other reasons why it is important to control mice in your basement. Mice can spread disease, cause damage, and multiply in population very quickly if left unaddressed. Basements in particular can be susceptible to rodents because there may be entry points in the home’s foundation, they may enter the garage and then the basement, an unfinished basement can increase visibility and access for mice, and basements are one of the best places in the home for mice to hide and be undisturbed  Here’s what to do if you think there’s mice in your basement.

Inspection For Mice In Your Basement

If you haven’t seen the actual mouse in your basement, but have suspicions there may be a mouse issue, the easiest way to discover a rodent issue is to look for small droppings. They are usually going to be near the edge of a room and may be on the floor, up high, on a shelf, in insulation, or in other locations depending on where the mice are traveling. These droppings are about an ⅛ of an inch in length. If you have a history of rodent issues and addressed it with DIY methods, it may be helpful to routinely inspect for rodents going forward because most DIY methods don’t address how the rodents are getting into the home in the first place. This means that other rodents can enter the home through that same entry point.

What To Do If You Find A Mouse In Your Basement

Contact a professional such as Adam’s Pest Control. Usually when a single mouse is spotted, there are more mice in your home that haven’t been discovered. As mentioned earlier, mice can reproduce very quickly. The average female mouse can birth about 8 litters of 6 pups per year. You can see how the population of mice can rise very rapidly if they are left unaddressed. Adam’s can not only get rid of the current mice in your home but also seal off the exterior of your home preventing new rodents from entering. All Adam’s technicians are trained in identifying signs of rodents, rodent behavior, sealing rodent entry points, best trap placement practices, rodent elimination, rodent prevention, and more.

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