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Minnesota’s Best Bed Bug Service: Adam’s Heat Treatment

Bed bugs are one of the most stressful pests a person can deal with. That’s why it’s important to understand treatment options in case you ever find yourself in that situation. After all, bed bugs are an issue that can affect anyone regardless of cleanliness or other factors. You are probably aware of pesticides as an option to control bed bugs (we offer this service as well), but one method you may not have heard of is a ‘Heat Treatment’. Adam’s was the first pest control company in Minnesota to utilize heat to kill bed bugs and we have many years of experience with this service. A heat treatment is the most effective and efficient method of bed bug control.

How A Bed Bug Heat Treatment Works

Let’s take a brief look at an Adam’s heat treatment. When Adam’s does a heat treatment, we send a technician from our bed bug division to do the work. These technicians have specialization in bed bugs, making them an expert on these particularly frustrating pests. After we prepare the customer for the service, Adam’s utilizes a generator, heaters, fans, and a remote monitoring system (among other tools) to get the location up to temperature. Once we hit the target temperature/duration, we clean up and follow up with the customer.

Do not try this yourself, we are experts on how to do this process effectively without causing damage or health risks.

Technician With Bed Bug Heater

Why It Works

The reason why heat is so effective against bed bugs is that it fills an entire space. Wherever bed bugs are, the heat will find them. Compare that to using pesticides: Bed bugs have to interact with the pesticide in order for it to be effective. Heat is great at eliminating bed bugs on the standard beds, couches, and chairs as well as hard-to-treat hiding spots such as behind headboards, around nightstands, and in clothes. Maximum effectiveness with minimal chemical usage. It’s also effective against tricky bed bug populations with pesticide resistance.

If You Have Concerns About Bed Bugs

This is a picture of bed bugs with a penny for size reference. 

If you have concerns about bed bugs, you should call Adam’s Pest Control as soon as possible. Bed bugs multiply very quickly and you don’t want to deal with the bites and stress associated with them.

Here are 4 signs that you may have bed bugs

  1. Finding Them: Bed bugs are excellent hiders so this can be difficult. Refer to the picture above for appearance and sizing.
  2. Finding Bed Bug Skins: In order for juvenile bed bugs to move to the next life stage, they need to molt. This means they leave behind their skin similar to how a snake sheds its skin.
  3. Bites: Bed bug bites aren’t really that distinct from bites of other insects, but it may be a useful hint to start looking for other signs of bed bugs.
  4. Spotting: Bed bugs leave behind droppings on a bed (or other locations). Even though they eat a blood meal, these droppings are generally black in color.

If you think you have bed bugs there are 3 ways to do a bug ID through Adam’s

  1. Submit a picture through our website (adamspestcontrol.com/pest-info/identify-your-pest)
  2. Bring in a dead sample on a piece of tape in ziplock bag into our office
  3. Have on one of our technicians out for an inspection

For more information or to get an estimate, follow the link: http://adamspestcontrol.com/pest/bed-bug

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