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Mosquito Q&A (Answering 13 Questions About Mosquitoes)

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Mosquito season is upon us, so we are arming you with information to understand and avoid mosquitoes when you spend time outside this summer. There are bonus tips at the bottom of this article that are not included in the video.

Are mosquito bites dangerous?

Not typically in the US, but there are diseases that mosquitoes here are associated with. With that being said, if you get bitten you’ll most likely be fine.

What mosquito causes malaria?

Malaria is spread by Anopheles mosquitoes which are in the US, but we rarely have problems with Malaria here.

Which mosquito bites people?

There are multiple species of mosquitoes that bite people: Aedes Agypti, Culex, Anopheles, and more. It is female mosquitoes that bite because they require a blood meal in order to reproduce. All mosquitoes bite even if their preferred target isn’t human.

What do mosquitoes eat?

Both male and female mosquitoes eat flower nectar, juices, and decaying matter, but only female mosquitoes have blood meals to reproduce.

Will mosquito bites hurt plants?

No, mosquitoes can feed on nectar and plant juices, but it will not damage the plant or tree.

Do mosquitoes sleep?

It depends on your definition, mosquitoes rest and go through periods where they are inactive, but it’s not completely the same as how we sleep. Mosquitoes typically rest during the day, but some mosquitoes rest at night. This is why you can see mosquito activity at different times of the day.

Will mosquito bites leave scars?

Not unless you scratch them too much.

Can mosquitoes transmit HIV?


How do mosquitoes find us?

Mosquitoes find a host by sensing carbon dioxide, seeing movement, or by detecting heat sources.

Where do mosquitoes lay eggs?

In or near water. The larva and pupa stages of mosquitoes also live in water.

Where do mosquitoes live?

In trees, bushes, tall grasses, brush and more.

Why do mosquitoes buzz?

Mosquitoes make a buzzing sound due to the speed they flap their wings. It makes me anxious just thinking about it.

Why do mosquito bites itch?

Mosquitoes have piercing-sucking mouthparts. When a mosquito “bites” you, it pierces your skin with its beak or proboscis and secretes saliva. This saliva acts as a source for allergic reactions or pathogens of those known as disease vectors.

Why do mosquitoes exist?

I ask myself the same question.

Bonus Tips For Preventing Mosquitoes

If you are planning an event It is important that you start mosquito prevention before your event or gathering. It is not something you can solve the day of. Whether planning an event or just wanting to be outside here are some tips for reducing mosquitoes

  • Eliminate water sources as able
  • Dump out water from bird feeders, kid pools, tires, containers, and kid toys
  • Clean out your gutters
  • Keep your lawn and nearby grasses mowed
  • Plan for mosquitoes
  • If you know mosquitoes are an issue during a certain time of day, which is usually late at night, start your event or gathering sooner. Same goes for if you have yard work to do. That way you are spending less time with Minnesota’s unofficial state bird.
  • Get an Adam’s pest control vector service.
  • With an Adam’s vector service, you get to enjoy being outside, making memories without being taken out of the moment by mosquitoes. You can sign up by filling the form on our website, emailing service@adamspestcontrol.com, or by calling 763-478-9810.

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