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Pest-Free New Year

What is your New Year’s tradition? Is it something simple like staying up till midnight to watch the ball drop in Times Square in the comfort of your living room? Do you add a little more and throw a party to usher in the New Year? Will there be fireworks? Will you find someone to kiss as the countdown reaches 1 and Auld Lang Syne plays in the background? There are many American traditions that are connected to New Year’s Eve, and some that are connected to the new year itself. The most popular is the commitment to give something up. Is this your tradition as well? Well, as you head into 2016, we have a suggestion for you. How about giving up the fight against pests? No, we don’t mean just let them take over. Try letting someone take on those pests for you. Here are some reasons why you should.  

  1. Pest control is a pain: If you’ve ever made a serious attempt to protect your home from pests, you know that it is no fun. Your home has a lot of tiny cracks, and those cracks need to be sealed or protected. If you try to plug all those holes you’ll have to examine hard-to-get-to places like your roof, roofline, attic areas, crawl spaces, behind shrubs, and under the deck or porch.

  2. Pest control requires research: As you seal things up, you’re bound to find some critters, and each of those critters is going to have to be researched. You need to know what measures are needed to keep them out and how to do it in a way that is safe for you and your family. Methods that work to keep one pest out will most likely be ineffective to keep another pest out. This research time can really begin to add up, if you do it right.

  3. It is really hard to get rid of pests: Household pests don’t make it easy for you. They hide in hard-to-get-at, or impossible-to-get-at, places in your home. If you have pests already living in your home, there is a good chance they have found a way into your wall voids. Those wall voids are how many pests make their way through your home. Eradicating them requires proper baiting techniques, constant monitoring and treatment, and the use of specialized equipment.  

  4. There are consequences to poor pest control: When pests get into your home, they can spread illness, introduce parasites, chew on wiring, destroy your support beams, damage keepsakes, chew their way into food, and also bite. When your pest control measures fail–or just seem to work–those pests can continue to hurt you, your family, your pets, and your home.

This year, consider letting the experts here at Adam’s Pest Control take care of those pests for you. Not only does our team have the education and experience needed to keep your family safe, we do all that hard work so you don’t have to. Sit back and enjoy a pest-free new year. We’ve got you covered.

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