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Proper Commercial Pest Control

All pest control is not created equal, and when it comes to protecting your business, knowing what works is vital. We’ve put together a checklist to help define what proper commercial pest control looks like and what you need to know to keep your business safe from issues pests can create.

  • Credentials. When choosing a pest control company, it is important to make sure you’re not getting empty promises. Any company can say they’ll protect your business, but that promise needs to be backed by education. At Adam’s Pest Control, education and certification are our first priority. Our team is continually plugged into advances in the pest control industry through our close partnership with leading pest management entities like the National Pest Management Association, the Minnesota Pest Management Associations, and the Professional Pest Management Alliance.

  • Complete Management. At Adam’s Pest Control, we control every pest that can invade and harm your business. We do this because we understand that to properly control pest bugs and animals it is vital to control the entire ecosystem those pests are a part of.

  • IPM. Proper commercial pest control should follow national standards for Integrated Pest Management in order to comply with all government standards and regulations. Our team is not only familiar with the pests we control; they also understand the legal needs of your business. They will help you prepare for and pass all government inspections and audits.

  • QualityPro and GreenPro. When it comes to professionalism you can’t simply take the word of the pest control company you’re hiring. That is why we as a company have worked hard to earn the QualityPro and GreenPro certifications from the National Pest Management Association. This designation is given to companies that show an excellence in business operations, testing and training, consumer protection, and environmental stewardship. Of over 22,000 pest control companies in the United States, only 3% are qualified to be designated QualityPro; Adam’s Pest Control is proud to be one of them.

  • LEED. If your company needs LEED credits, you need a pest management company that will help you get them. The IPM service approach at Adam’s Pest Control supports the acquisition of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credits.

When you need commercial pest control that is as professional as your business, Adam’s Pest Control can get the job done. We offer year-round protection, on call 24-hour emergency service at no additional charge, and the most advanced pest control products and methods in the industry all with a single point of contact here in Minnesota.

Protect your business with commercial pest control you can trust. Reach out and talk to one of our agents today.

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