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The Eagle’s Nest In Medina

A majestic bald eagle soaring against a clear blue sky has long been a common sight along Hwy 55 just west of Willow Drive. With new construction starting, it is not surprising that many are concerned about the fate of the bald eagles’ nest and the tree that is home to the eagles.

Rest assured, not only is every precaution being taken to preserve the eagle’s nest, but enhanced viewing is also planned.

Adam’s Pest Control is building their new corporate headquarters on the site. Adam’s has a long history of conservation and protecting the environment — from being the first in the nation to be certified “green” by the National Pest Management Association to being the first company in Medina to have a honey bee hive, now two.

Current plans at the new corporate site include an eagle webcam and a parking area to safely view the nest.

We’ve consulted with the experts at U.S. Fish and Wildlife (after all, we know pests, not eagles)! They tell us the best practice is to begin construction after the young eagles are mature and have left the nest for the season, which is about September 1. That’s why we’ve timed our construction to start after that. As long as construction is continuous, when the eagles return in January, they will decide to use the same nest or another nest. Given the highway noise and traffic, we hope the eagles will be pretty used to us being around and will return in 2023. But If they do go elsewhere, that doesn’t mean they won’t return in 2024. This is normal behavior even without construction or a new building.

So, there is every reason to believe that we all will be enjoying the sight of soaring eagles for years to come.

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