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Top 4 Mistakes That Could Allow Pests Into Your New Home

Are you buying a home this spring? Many people will. Spring is when home buying ramps up. But, after you’ve signed on the dotted line, and before you get comfortable in your new home, take a quick moment to look down through these 4 mistakes new homeowners make that can lead to pest problems.

Neglecting to look for moisture issues

There is a lot involved when moving into a new home. We’re sure the last thing you want to do is go around your new home and look for leaks, but you should. Moisture is attractive to wood-destroying pests like carpenter ants. It is also appetizing for rodent pests like mice and rats. Take some time to make sure all of your gutters are in good working condition and that there are no obstructions that cause water to pour down your exterior walls. Spring is when wood-destroying insects send out swarmers in search of new places to build nests. You want to make sure that they don’t select your new home as their new home

Not taking the time to examine exterior walls

The exterior walls of your new home are not only a defense against wind, rain, cold, and other environmental conditions; they also work to keep bugs and wildlife out. If you have holes, then pests will exploit those holes. Do an inspection to see if there are any holes or gaps that need to be sealed, and use a caulking gun to fill those spots until you’re able to do a repair job.

Letting things go unrepaired

When you move into your new home, there’s a good chance that everything has been fixed-up nice, but it is important to make sure. Examine all the screens, door sweeps, and weather stripping to make sure you don’t have any entry points bugs can use to get in. You’ve spent a lot on that new home, but a few extra dollars can keep you from dealing with unwanted intruders.

Not visiting attic crawl spaces

If your new home has a pest issue, checking the attic will often shed light on it. Attic crawl spaces are where many pests create their homes. Use a flashlight to do an inspection for signs of nesting. This could save you from unexpected frustration.

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