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What Pests Do Restaurant Owners Need To Be Aware Of?

Restaurants are a fast-paced, high-energy environment where cleanliness is crucial. This is why being aware of pest issues that may negatively impact your restaurant is very important. Pests can contaminate food/food surfaces, cause inventory loss, and damage your reputation. Having a professional pest company to prevent pests and establish best practices helps your business maintain its reputation and run smoothly. Here are some of the most common pests that are found in restaurants:

Cockroaches In Restaurants

Cockroaches are attracted to restaurants because they thrive in warm environments. They are commonly found around appliances due to the heat they emit and they are notorious for their ability to spread disease.

Mice In Restaurants

Rodents such as mice can fit through a hole as small as a ¼”. This fact combined with the abundance of food in restaurants means that every restaurant should have a proactive plan for mice.

Flies In Restaurants

Flies are a common issue with restaurants. They are typically attracted to food, garbage, and unclean drains. A professional pest management company is able to work with restaurants and employees to establish best practices for preventing them.

Ants In Restaurants

Ants are attracted to greasy or sugary food scraps. Proper cleaning practices are a good starting point to prevent ants, but it may take further intervention from a pest company to keep them out.

Stored Product Pests In Restaurants

Various moths, beetles, and weevils can become a very pervasive issue in some restaurants or food processing facilities. They can cause a lot of damage to food inventory and are difficult for the average person to eliminate. Like all other pests, contact with food supplies will render the food unfit for human consumption.

Adam’s Can Help

Adam’s Pest Control has worked with the food industry for over 50 years to help maintain restaurants’ reputations and cleanliness. We have worked with all sorts of businesses within the industry including fast food, fine dining, bakeries, breweries, coffee shops, food processing facilities, and more. 

For More Information Or An Estimate: adamspestcontrol.com/commercial/pest-control-for-dining

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