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Why Are Mice Trying To Get Into Your Medina Home?

Tis the season, once again, when leaves begin to turn brilliant hues of scarlet, orange and gold, sounds of high school football games penetrate Saturday nights, and the crisp air of October has turned the corner toward winter. Yes, it is fall here in Medina, MN, time for sweaters and crackling fires, time for digging out winter clothes from storage, and time to prepare homes for the cold-weather invasion of mice that are seeking shelter from the nip in the air. Why do mice try to get into homes this time of year? And why might they target your home? Well, if you think about it, it is easy to see why.

Why would mice choose your Medina home to invade this fall?

  • You have uncovered trash on your property. Pests are drawn to your home if there is food there for them. Make sure your trash cans are tightly sealed so you are not providing mice and other pests a free meal.

  • You have lots of hiding places near your home for mice. If you have firewood or construction materials, make sure to store them away from your house. Also clear away clutter such as toys, yard waste, and miscellaneous items where rodents and other pests like to hide.

  • You have bushes or tree branches that rest against your foundation or walls. Trim back these plants so that mice and other pests cannot use them as a bridge to get to your home.

  • Your home has gaps and cracks where mice can squeeze through into your basement or wall voids. Do a careful inspection of the outside of your home and seal up all holes using a caulking gun or other material. Make sure to check areas where pipes, wires, air conditioning units, and other items enter your home.

  • Your screens have holes or tears where mice can find entry. Take inventory of all of your screens and repair or replace any that are damaged, so pests cannot get through.

  • Your chimney and vents are not covered. Make sure to seal off all chimneys and vents with tightly woven screens so pests cannot enter your home in this way.

  • Your door sweeps are damaged or absent so mice can squeeze under where there are gaps. Install door sweeps where needed and make sure they make good contact all the way across.

  • You have food sources available for mice inside your home. If pests do find a way inside, you don’t want to have food available for them. Give your home a thorough cleaning, especially areas where crumbs and spills may be present. And store all your food either inside the refrigerator or in tightly sealed containers.

  • If you don’t have pest protection from a professional pest control company. Working together with a pest control company, like Adam’s Pest Control, will keep mice, and all other common household pests out of your Medina home, and save you from having to do all the pest proofing work yourself.

Getting pest protection from Adam’s will free you up to enjoy all the beauty and fun of the fall season, without having to worry about being invaded by mice, or any other pest. Reach out to Adam’s Pest Control today.

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