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Why Do Mice Chew Wires and Cables?


If one of your appliances suddenly stopped working, you would probably find yourself working backwards to figure out what happened. Surprisingly, the cause may actually be mice chewing on the wires or cables! So why do mice chew on wires and cables?

Mice chew things for various reasons. The most obvious being that they have to eat, but there are also other practical reasons for mice to chew things as well. For example, mice will chew materials that are in the way of where they’re trying to go or chew through materials to escape a situation they don’t want to be in. A good demonstration of this is how mice commonly chew through the seal of a garage door in order to get into a garage. Another reason is that, like our fingernails, a mouse’s teeth never stop growing. They have to continuously chew things to keep their teeth at a reasonable length and to keep them aligned. Dental hygiene and wanting to get somewhere are the most common reasons why mice would chew wires or cables.

Another factor to consider is where mice tend to be in a home. Some of the most common places to find mice are garages, basements, attics, kitchens, and areas with insulation. When you think of the wires and cables that are inside of a home, they commonly found in these areas.

You do not want rodents chewing on wires and cables in and around your house. The damage can cost a lot of money (making repairs to an HVAC system is not cheap!) and, in very rare cases, mice have even been linked to fires.

Don’t wait until after the damage has been done to get rid of your mouse issue. Even if you see just one mouse, there are likely more that you are not seeing. For more information on rodents or to request a quote: Ask the Experts.

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