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Wildlife Problems? Who Ya Gonna Call?

When there’s something furry, on your property, who ya gonna call? When they get inside, and it don’t smell good, who ya gonna call? Hopefully, you’ll call someone who is educated in the safe and humane removal of furry pests! There are a lot of companies that promise to deal with wildlife issues in Minnesota. How can you tell which one will actually get the job done?

4 Things To Look For In A Wildlife Control Company

3rd Party Certification

The most important indication that a pest control company can do what they say they will do is when they have allowed themselves to be audited by a trusted 3rd party. At Adam’s, we have earned the QualityPro, QualityPro Green, and QualityPro Schools seals of approval from the National Pest Management Association. These are marks of excellence in pest management, business operation, testing and training, consumer protection, and environmental stewardship. 3rd party certification is your assurance that all governmental safety regulations will be followed, all advanced pest protocols will be used, and proper documentation will be kept.

Expert Pest Control

At Adam’s Pest Control, we don’t just work locally in our communities, we have staff members who are respected professionals in the state. Four of our employees have served as President of the Minnesota Pest Management Association, and two have been chosen to be in the MPMA Hall of Fame.


In Minnesota, it is illegal to use poisons to control an animal problem without a proper license (excluding rats and mice). Our team has all of the required certificates, training, and licenses to handle unwanted animal invaders.


If a company has the credentials and the 3rd party certifications to show that they are capable of dealing with your wildlife problem, the next question you have to ask is, “What services do they offer?” Here are just a few of the services you can expect from Adam’s Pest Control:

  • On-call emergency wildlife control 7 days a week.

  • Exclusion services that work to seal wildlife out.

  • Wildlife specialists that are licensed and trained to deal specifically with wildlife problems.

  • Wildlife relocation, humane animal trapping, and proper application of wildlife deterrents.

  • Environmental responsibility.

  • Proper destruction and disposal of wildlife when needed.

If your home or property has been invaded, who are you gonna call? Hopefully, someone you can trust. Animals can spread diseases and parasites, destroy property, leave droppings and urine in hard-to-clean places, damage vegetation, spread garbage all over your lawn, and bite. Call the wildlife control specialists at Adam’s Pest Control, and get that problem solved right the first time.

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