• blog imageMice are looking for a warm place to spend winter
    As the weather starts to get colder, mice will look to stay out of the cold just like we do. Unfortunately, they often choose our homes as the place to stay warm. Many people have chosen an Adam’s plan that includes rodents so they can ensure that their home is mouse-proof all year long. After signing up for a rodent service, an Adam’s technician will look over the outside of your home to seal off any entry points where mice can get in and take additional measures to make sure that you don...More
  • blog imageWorld Pest Day
    World Pest Day - June 6 History Throughout history, pests have always been resilient and continue to get smarter in order to survive. It is our job to match their ability every step of the way. Pests are some of the oldest creatures on the planet and have adapted to survive in many different environments. The pest control industry has come a long way since the “Rat Catchers” of the Middle Ages. In fact, the industry has seen many advancements in just the past decade. Technology, safety,...More
  • blog imageBed Bug Prevention Tips
    Bed Bugs are elusive, nocturnal creatures that hide behind baseboards and in any cracks, voids, and folded areas of beds, bedding and adjacent furniture, especially mattresses and box springs. Travel Tips Upon Arrival (before unpacking): Don’t put your suitcase or backpack directly on the bed; put them in the bathroom (bathtubs are typically pest free) while you inspect the room. Inspect the closet and luggage stands and baseboards nearby the luggage rack before placing items in the clos...More
  • Tips to Avoid Wasps
    Summer is a time for outdoor concerts, BBQ’s, pool days, and lazy afternoons; however, it is also the season where stinging insects like wasps are out and about, frantically collecting food for their colony and building their numbers. This means that while spending more time outside this summer, you, your family and your pets are going to come in contact with wasps more often than not! Wasps, while not the most aggressive species of stinging insect,...More
  • blog imagePest Prevention Tips for Student Housing
    With the start of a new academic year just around the corner, students from all over the country are preparing to move into student housing. While this is an exciting season, it is also when pest control companies tend to see an uptick in requests for pest control since multiple people sharing a building increases the risk of problems. As you welcome students to their dorm rooms this year, be sure that each resident receives educational tips about how they can do their part to keep bugs out of ...More
  • blog imageMosquitoes Taking Over Your Property?
    For most people, mosquitoes are among the most annoying summer pests. They're abundant too. In fact, there are more mosquitoes on the planet than there are human beings! From early spring through late fall, mosquitoes come out at dusk and feed on mammals in the landscape, including humans and pets. These irritating pests can ruin your picnic and keep you from enjoying time spent on the patio in the evenings. If you're a homeowner who enjoys spending time outdoors, it helps to know more about mo...More
  • blog imageThings You Can Do Now to Prevent Carpenter Ants Later
    Carpenter ants are pests that are attracted to damp wood in your home. They burrow into your wood supports and beams to make their homes, which can cause damage to the structural integrity of your home. While in the grip of winter we are unlikely to have a run-in with carpenter ants, however, spring is just around the corner. Now is the time to take precautions to prevent the damage an infestation of carpenter ants can cause. Carpenter ants are most active in the spring. They reproduce and thri...More
  • Bed Bug Warning Signs You Cannot Ignore
    We’re given warnings all the time in our every day lives about this or that, and from this source or that source, and we’ve gotten to be experts at ignoring those warnings. We see our check engine light come on and dismiss it as a loose gas cap. We hear a rattle in the furnace and close our eyes and write it off to the pipes expanding. But there are some warning signs we should never ignore, including those tell-tale signs that bed bugs leave behind. Bed bugs are really good at hiding and a...More
  • How Do I Know if I Have Mice?
    As soon as the weather starts to turn cold, you can bet that woodland critters, including mice, will start looking for a cozy place to call home for the winter. Unfortunately, that home might already be occupied – by you! Mice are considered cute by some, but they can cause a myriad of structural and health problems if they take up residence in your home. Even if you wish you had one for a pet, you don’t want mice living in your walls, attic or cabinets spreading disease and making a mess. ...More
  • What Are Powder Post Beetles
    Ever heard of a powder post beetle? Sounds like a strange name for an insect, that’s for sure. And, when it comes to wood-destroying pests, termites and carpenter ants get all of the credit, but these strange little powder post beetles can also do quite a bit of harm as well.  Powder post beetles are wood destroying pests, and get their name from the fine “powder” that they create while they bore into wood products. The “powder” is called frass, and it is a combination of their feces...More