Adam’s Certifies Newly Built Homes Are Termite-free

Our Turn-Key Termite Program

Our turn-key termite program provides HUD certification documentation in compliance with Section 24 CFR 200.926d(b)(3).

Federal regulations, under Title 24 - Housing and Urban Development, require new homes purchased with FHA- and VA-insured mortgages to “be free of those foreseeable hazards and adverse conditions which may affect the health and safety of occupants or the structural soundness of the improvements,” including termite protection.

Adam’s Builders’ Termite Program:

  • Complies with HUD-insured mortgage requirements

  • Provides all necessary documentation

  • Easy, doesn’t-get-in-your-way procedure

  • Affordable; High ROI

  • Peace of mind for new home buyers

  • 1-Year transferrable warranty 

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Scrap lumber, sawdust, wood debris -- even old stumps and dead roots – will attract termites. And although termites are not common in our area, they can survive here. That’s why HUD requires new homes financed with an FHA- or VA-insured mortgage to have a preventive treatment for termites.

Adam’s licensed professional will use an EPA-approved termiticide to create a chemical barrier in the soil around the perimeter of your new homes to stop subterranean termites before they reach the structures.

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