Badgers and Pigeons and Snakes, oh my!

Adam’s provides effective and affordable wildlife management services including animal removal, wildlife relocation, animal trapping, and bird control. Adam’s solves nuisance animal problems with techniques that are safe, humane, and environmentally responsible.

  • Emergency wildlife control 7 days per week
  • Residential, multi-housing, commercial, retail, municipal, and industrial
  • Prevention and exclusion services
  • Licensed technicians specifically trained in wildlife management
  • Commercial bird control

Why call Adam’s when you have a wild animal problem?

  • Teeth and claws. Need we say more?
  • Potential falls from ladders and other personal safety concerns
  • Rabies, Rickettsialpox, Histoplasmosis and other (Zoonotic) diseases that animals can pass to people through bites, feces, urine, or external parasites. Adam’s technicians have the training and equipment to protect themselves from contracting a disease from an infected animal.
  • Oops, you trapped the neighbor’s cat. Adam’s has the knowledge of where to place traps and the correct baits and lures to effectively attract the target animal, as well as a variety of trap types and sizes for any situation.
  • Licensing and legal issues. Certain animals are protected by law; and trapping ordinances vary by location. If you do take wildlife in Minnesota you must notify a conservation officer within 24 hours. Furthermore, in Minnesota it is illegal to take an animal using poison without a license (except rats and mice). Adam’s has the required training, certificates, and licenses to perform the work.
  • Let’s say you trap the nuisance animal yourself. Now what? Relocating the animal can be time consuming; and destroying and disposing of the animal can be problematic at best.