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Adam’s makes your lawn beautiful to look at and pest-free so you can enjoy it.

Adam’s professional lawn care services will keep your lawn green, lush, and healthy. And whether ugly weeds or pesky pests are what’s bugging you, Adam’s will get rid of them, guaranteed.

  • No weeds.

  • No pests.

  • No hassles.

Find the right lawn and pest program for your home. 


A well-fertilized lawn is not only beautiful, it is better at preventing weed infestation, disease, and damage from drought. Adam’s uses only premium, professional grade fertilizers made from naturally occurring ingredients, including nitrogen and potassium. Adam’s turf experts determine the precise blend of ingredients and the exact timing of each application to maximize the effectiveness of the treatments. The result: a beautiful, healthy lawn.

Weed Control

Weeds are not only unattractive; they can rob your lawn of essential nutrients. Adam’s weed control program includes both a pre-emergent treatment to prevent crabgrass and other grassy weeds before they appear and contact treatments at peak germination periods to control persistent broadleaf weeds. Adam’s technicians are highly trained and licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Adam’s specially selected and tested weed control products are registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and are always applied following national, state, and local laws and rules.

Pest Control

Adam’s is a recognized leader in extermination and prevention services for all pests, including wildlife and interior pests. Since 1971, Adam’s has provided fast response, competitive pricing, friendly service, and 100% customer satisfaction. You can trust Adam's Pest Control in and around your home. Adam’s techs are licensed, certified, have passed criminal background checks & drug screening, and receive more than 60 hours of advanced pest management training each year; meaning faster, better solutions to all your pest problems with the lowest environmental impact practical.

Spring Lawn Care Tips 

  • Pick up and discard debris, pet waste, and trash that have accumulated over the winter.

  • Once the soil is dry, rake your lawn to remove dead grass. More than ½” of thatch build-up is too much, so rake vigorously enough to remove thatch. A power rake may be preferred for large lawns and/or significant thatch. Areas affected by snow mold will need special attention.

  • As you rake, look for moss plants which can indicate soil compaction and acidity. If your soil is acidic, adding lime to your soil can neutralize the pH. If you did not aerate your lawn in the fall and your soil is compacted, you may need to aerate early in the spring.

  • Apply grass seed to any bare patches. Make sure seeds are covered with soil. Typically, ¼” of soil is needed. Five weeks after the grass germinates, apply a quick-release nitrogen fertilizer.

  • If road salt caused the bare spots, reseed with a salt-tolerant grass seed.

  • Most lawns will benefit from an early application of fertilizer. Apply fertilizer to low-maintenance grass and shady areas at half the recommended rate.

  • Mow your lawn to a height of not less than 2" and allow grass to grow taller as summer progresses.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you are unhappy for any reason with the service you receive from Adam’s, we will gladly re-treat at no additional cost until the problem is solved and you are completely satisfied.

It’s as simple as that.

  • No excuses.

  • No fine print.

At Adam’s, outstanding customer satisfaction has been a family tradition since 1971. We believe it is and will be, the primary reason for our continued success and growth.

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Adam’s has been eradicating pests and weeds since 1971.


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