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Fairy Rings

Fairy rings can be caused by any number of fungi.

What fairy rings look like:
Fairy rings are often noticed as a dark green ring or arc with an inner ring of brown, dead grass. Fairy rings can be as small as a few inches to as large as 50’. Mushrooms often appear within the rings after a heavy rain.

How to prevent fairy rings:
Proper lawn maintenance can minimize Fairy rings. Follow good watering practices, (link to watering page), do not over fertilize, and minimize thatch (link to thatch page).

How to eradicate fairy rings:
Eradication of fairy ring fungi is difficult and often impractical. Remove and carefully discard the sod and underlying soil one foot beyond the ring to a depth of one foot. Do not spill any of the infested soil on your lawn. Add clean, sterilized soil and reseed. Most homeowners prefer to mask the problem, rather than eradicate it. Apply fertilizer to grass around the dark green rings to even the color. Thoroughly irrigate areas where the grass has died to a depth of 12”-24” for 4-6 weeks.

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