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Pythium blight is a highly destructive fungal disease that can, under favorable weather conditions, destroy an entire lawn in just a few days. Pythium blight typically is the most severe and causes the most damage when relative humidity is above 90% for more than 14 hours and daytime temperatures are between 85° F and 95° F.

What Pythium blight looks like:
Pythium blight first appears as sunken, circular shaped spots ranging in diameter from ½” to 4”. Blades of grass within the patches appear water-soaked, then fade to a matted, light brown to orange or dark gray color; and look greasy.
Groups of diseased patches frequently join together and may form elongated streaks along the flow or presence of surface water. Pythium blight is also referred to as "cottony blight" because of the cotton-like growth of white, fluffy aerial mycelium growing from infected grass.

How to prevent Pythium blight:
● Do not over-fertilize with nitrogen during the summer season
● Do not water at night (See watering)

How to eradicate Pythium blight:
If your lawn is infected with Pythium blight, keep people and equipment off the grass when it is wet to minimize the spread of the fungus. Also, reduce the amount of water applied to the infected area. Adam’s Healthy Lawn professionals have several different systemic and contact fungicides that are not available in home and garden centers which can effectively treat and remove Pythium blight.

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