Adam’s Premier Fall Invaders Service Keeps Pests Out of Your Home

Cooler weather triggers all sorts of seasonal pests to start looking for a place to spend the winter. Don’t let your home become theirs!


Adam’s Pest Control can prevent fall pests from invading your home:

Adam’s will apply a preventive treatment to the foundation and exterior parts of your house before boxelder bugs, Asian lady beetles, cluster flies, western conifer seed bugs, and foreign grain beetles congregate and enter your home. All cracks, crevices and any possible entry sites are carefully treated with an EPA-approved residual material, with particular attention given to the sunny sides of the structure.

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To be effective, treatments and exclusion practices should be made before pests are present on or around your home. Schedule a service appointment and we’ll give you $50 off. But you must act fast, before the pest start landing.

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