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Flying Insects

Flying pests can be among the most annoying, with their unrelenting buzzing and constant circling around your head… always just out of reach. Whether in your yard or in your home, Adam’s can reduce or eliminate flying pests. Call Adam’s today to find just the right pest control plan for you.

West Conifer Seed Bug
Western Conifer-Seed Bug
Image of Wasp
Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets
clothes moths
Clothes Moths
strawberry root weevils
Strawberry Root Weevils
phorid flies
Phorid Flies
indianmeal moths
Indianmeal Moths
drain flies
Drain Flies
house flies
cluster flies
Cluster Flies
filth flies
Filth Flies
fruit flies
Fruit Flies
house flies
House Flies
boxelder bugs
Boxelder Bugs
Lady Beetles
japanese beetles
Japanese Beetles

Don’t see the flying pest that is bugging you?

Dr. El Damir, PhD., Adam’s full-time, board-certified entomologist, can identify the pest for you and explain what Adam’s can do to minimize or eliminate it from your home or property. Simple email a photo and/or description of what’s bugging you.