Pigeon droppings can make structural surfaces slick and hazardous to walk or climb on; and increase the cost of maintenance. Like other birds, pigeon droppings can be corrosive to different materials. Pigeons are known to carry or transmit pigeon ornithosis, encephalitis, and other diseases and pigeon droppings are vectors for several disease-causing pathogens, such as the fungi that cause histoplasmosis. In addition fleas, lice, mites, ticks, can be linked to pigeons and their nests. Adam's has completed advanced bird exclusion training and is experienced at excluding pigeons from a variety of structures, including a Minnesota State Capitol building, bank, free standing retail stores and malls, and loading docks.

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Bird Exclusion

Adam’s can exclude pigeons from your buildings by blocking access to indoor roosts and nesting areas. Openings to lofts, steeples, vents, and eaves are blocked with wood, metal, glass, masonry, wire mesh, or plastic or nylon netting. We also have a variety of deterrents, including bird-slides, sharp-tipped spikes and porcupine wires to keep the birds from landing, and non-toxic gel, paste, liquid and fogging repellents that make treated surfaces very uncomfortable to birds.

Lethal Control of Pigeons

Feral pigeons are considered noxious birds. Federal law does not protect feral pigeons and most states do not afford them protection. Therefore, no special permit is required to remove or destroy them. Adam’s pest management professionals will use an EPA-approved avicide (chemical) to exterminate pigeons. Before treatments, your Adam’s professional will conduct a thorough survey to record non-target birds that may be present in the area to be treated. Pre-baiting with non-toxic materials for several days is critical to condition the pigeons – and not any non-target birds -- to accept the bait before replacing it with the avicide. Baiting with avicide may require successive applications for few days until control is obtained.





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