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Wasp Nest Removal that Doesn’t Sting Your Wallet.

Bees, wasps, and yellow jackets are beneficial to the environment and generally do not sting unless handled, disturbed, threatened, or harmed. But, they can hurt. Allergic reactions to stinging insects can vary from minor irritation to life-threatening reactions called anaphylaxis.

Adam’s licensed pest management professionals have the training and equipment to safely kill nuisance wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket nests in or around structures that pose a threat to people. We apply a proven insecticide directly into the nests and also into holes, cracks, and gaps where an active nest may be hiding. Adam’s treats up to three colonies for the same low price.

Adam's Pest Control Gets Rid of Wasps, Yellow Jackets, and Nuisance Bees Fast.

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How To Tell The Difference Between A Honey Bee And A Wasp.

If you need help identifying the bees or wasps that are pestering you, please email us with a description and/or photo.

DIY Wasp Prevention

The following practices can help to reduce the number of wasps, hornets and nuisance bees in and around your home:

  • Early spring and late summer, block the queen’s entrance to a nest by sealing all cracks and crevices.

  • Remove fallen fruits, spilled food and drinks, soft drink cans, and garbage.

  • Avoid leaving sugary drinks unattended and always look before you drink out of a can outdoors.

  • Avoid scents and brightly colored materials.

  • Keep your house, dumpster, garage, and attic clean.

DIY Management

  • Honey bees are beneficial. Call a local bee keeper to remove a honey bee colony alive.

  • Over-the-counter wasp killer products kill on contact; you will only kill the wasps you actually spray.

  • Homeowners are probably not going be able to kill an entire nest of Yellow Jackets, Bald-faced hornets, or Mud Daubers.

  • Traps are more likely to be useful in small areas, but will not eliminate all wasps. Caution should be used because traps may attract more wasps into the area.

Some homeowners may attempt to exterminate a Paper wasp nest with an over-the-counter pesticide. Paper wasp nests consist of a single exposed comb suspended by a narrow stalk resembling an inverted umbrella. If you do attempt to kill a paper wasp nest:

  • Follow the instructions carefully.

  • Wear protective equipment.

  • Do not stand beneath the nest or on a ladder when spraying chemicals into the nest.

  • Avoid treating or removing an active wasp nest during the day, when paper wasps are actively flying in and out of the nest.

  • Check the nest the following day for any signs of wasp activity before you remove the nest. Any wasps that were absent from the nest at the time you sprayed may have returned to the nest.



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