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One-Time Pest Prevention

Fast relief from bothersome pests.

Call Adam’s Pest Control and say goodbye to pests. Adam’s One-time Pest Control quickly eliminates an existing pest from your home or property. Adam’s highly trained professionals will solve your pest problem efficiently and with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

One-time Pest Control is perfect for:

Single Pest Infestations

If this is the first time you have had a pest problem, then a one-time treatment may be the right solution. Adam’s pest professionals take care of common pests with just one visit.

Short-term Solutions

For many common pests, Adam’s one-time treatment is guaranteed for 3 months or longer. An Adam’s agent can explain the warranty for your particular pest problem.

Events and Special Occasions

Whether indoors or out, Adam’s highly effective, one-time pest control service is a simple way to make sure your guests are comfortable.

Reliable Professionals You Can Trust

Your call to Adam’s will be answered by a trained customer service agent. You can expect empathy and a quick response to your problem. Your agent will help identify your specific needs and find the earliest convenient time to get rid of your problem.

Adam’s Pest Management Professionals…

  • Are licensed by the state and meet the highest industry standards
  • Arrive in a clean, easily identifiable Adam’s vehicle
  • Wear an Adam’s uniform with a photo I.D.
  • Listen to your concerns and information about the pest
  • Treat for the specific pest using state-of-the-art techniques and EPA-registered materials
  • Communicate what was done, what to expect, and what should be done next, including any safety instructions.
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When to consider an ongoing pest prevention program

  • Are you bothered by more than one pest each year? For example, ants in the spring, boxelder bugs in the fall and mice over the winter?
  • Are you annoyed by pests that make your home appear dirty?
  • Does anyone in your home have asthma or is anyone allergic to wasps or other pests?
  • Do you have pets that could get fleas or ticks?
  • Are you concerned about bringing bed bugs into your home?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, a pest prevention program from Adam’s may be a better choice.

We own a renovated farmhouse with an old fieldstone foundation and mice have been in the basement for the past 40 years (at least) since owning the property. We’ve tried a couple other pest control companies in the past but still no luck. However, TYLER MORGAN is a miracle worker and was crawling around and found entry points nobody else has found before! This is our first winter season ever with NO MICE! Can’t thank you enough, Tyler – you have saved us! Go Adam’s and go Tyler!!

Erik J.

I really like my Adam’s Pest Management Professional. He was fantastic and I signed up for the premier quarterly with him.

Kristen O., Eagan, MN

Kevin treated my home and he represents the company well. I could not be happier with the service. Kevin’s attitude, professionalism, and attention to details were outstanding. Adam’s is lucky to have him.

Jeff G.,

Prompt service and I have no more spiders! Very courteous service tech as well!

Jerome H., Lakeville, MN

I am so pleased with the service performed by Adam’s Pest Control. Adam’s Pest Management Professional did a through investigation of the foundation and basement and garage and told me what could be done. He did it and wahoo, no mice!!!! I am thinking I am ahead of the season and when cooler weather comes I’ll be protected. I have already recommended this company to others. They are wonderful.

Frances M., Blaine, MN