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Adam’s Pest Control in Jordan, Minnesota

You can count on Adam’s for the best pest control in Jordan, Minnesota. Adam’s provides fast response to pest problems and ongoing pest prevention for Jordan’s homeowners and businesses.

Jordan is a city in Scott County, Minnesota, United States. The population was 5,470 at the 2010 census.

The city of Jordan began November 27, 1853 when Thomas A. Holmes ordered the construction of a sawmill where the current city exists. This establishment gave Jordan its first name, Holmes Mill.

A year after the mills founding, Thomas’s brother William Holmes moved to the site and began platting a settlement. By 1855, he successfully surveyed and recorded his settlement as Jordan City, after the Jordan River in Palestine. Jordan City accumulated some success in the following years of 1855 and 1856 with the addition of a post office and a handful of a local businesses beyond the mill.

In 1860, the neighboring settlement of Brentwood was surveyed by S.A. Hooper, J.H. Gardner and R.W. Thomas. The two settlements competed between each other until a legislative action consolidated Jordan City and Brentwood into the village of Jordan in 1872. The consolidation only helped the settlement and by 1880 the population had boomed to 915 along with a boom in businesses in the village. Jordan was finally incorporated as a city in 1891.

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