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2nd Only To Termites

Do you know which pest is second only to termites in the amount of damage they do to wood annually? We all know what termites are. Even if you’ve never had a termite problem in your home you’ve probably heard a horror story or two. The reputation of these wood-destroying insects precedes them, but there is another pest that hasn’t quite gotten the amount of press it deserves. Today we’re going to talk about the powder post beetle.

Powder post beetles attack hardwood, like drywood termites do. This makes them a danger to the fresh wood of a new home, and they are why many homeowners have their homes treated during construction.

These beetles are silent invaders, making their presence known only by tiny pinholes on the surface of wood, and a powder-like sawdust (frass) coming from these holes. This frass has the color of fresh-cut wood or sand.

Powder post beetles can also attack the hardwood of furniture. If you have antiques or precious heirlooms in your home, you’re not going to want these beetles around.

The treatments used to kill powder post beetles can only penetrate bare wood; this is why it is ideal to have treatments done to your home as it is being built. These treatments provide long-lasting protection for years.

If your home is already built, treatments can still be applied, but all wood being treated must be stripped of polyurethane, paint, varnish, or water-repellent stain to allow the liquid pesticides to work their way in. In some situations, it may become necessary to drill holes or apply product to holes created by these pets.

In cases of widespread infestation, fumigation is the answer. The entire building is tented, and fumigants are used to get deep into all the wood of the structure without having to strip paint and varnish. Fumigation can also be used as a tool to fight small infestations, such as when these insects are found in a single piece of furniture. Tenting can be as small or as large as it needs to be.

Powder post beetles can also damage your landscaping. These pests can attack porous hardwoods such as: oak, walnut, maple, hickory, and mahogany.

Protect your home from the damage caused by powder post beetles. If you’re in our Minnesota service area, give us a call. Adam’s Pest Control has earned the designation of QualityPro by the National Pest Management Association. That means you can expect the highest standard of excellence in service and the most advanced pest control measures in the industry, every time.

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