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Restaurant Pest Control

Can you afford to risk even one of your guests seeing a cockroach, fly, or mouse?

When a guest encounters a fly – or something worse — in your restaurant, they will likely tell up to 20 other people about their unpleasant experience. And those people will tell their friends… and so on… and so on.

Your reputation is too valuable to risk over a measly pest.

Luckily, Adam’s offers a wide variety of exclusion and prevention practices tailored for the food service industry. Our highly trained, professional technicians will inspect your facility and prepare an effective pest prevention program specifically for your restaurant.

Pest Control Tailored to Your Needs

Adam’s helps you tailor your pest control prevention service to provide the peace of mind you want; as well as address the requirements of your operations and the specific needs of the different areas within your restaurant.

Pest Prevention Plans

Prevention Plus 

Adam’s comprehensive Prevention Plus pest control service eliminates all worries about common pests. The scheduled services focus on both the interior and exterior of your property to prevent warranted pests from ever becoming a problem.

Prevention Premier 

Prevention Premier, Adam’s preeminent pest control service for restaurants, provides the same attention to preventing common pests as our Prevention Plus program, with additional coverage for mosquitoes, ticks, fleas. If you have outdoor seating, then Prevention Premier is the right choice for your restaurant.

Service Frequency

Prevention Plus

Prevention Premier

Included Pests

Ants Checkmark Checkmark
Spiders Checkmark Checkmark
Ground Beetles Checkmark Checkmark
Crickets Checkmark Checkmark
Centipedes Checkmark Checkmark
Millipedes Checkmark Checkmark
Silverfish Checkmark Checkmark
Sow Bugs Checkmark Checkmark
Clover Mites Checkmark Checkmark
Earwigs Checkmark Checkmark
Springtails Checkmark Checkmark
Roaches Checkmark Checkmark
Boxelder Bugs Checkmark Checkmark
Asian Lady Beetles Checkmark Checkmark
Western Conifer Bugs Checkmark Checkmark
Foreign Grain Beetles Checkmark Checkmark
Wasps and Hornets Checkmark Checkmark
Rats Checkmark Checkmark
Mice Checkmark Checkmark
Voles Checkmark Checkmark
Shrews Checkmark Checkmark
Mosquitoes Checkmark
Ticks Checkmark
Fleas Checkmark

Further Customize Your Prevention Plan with Supplemental Pest Coverage

We’re all looking for ways to lower costs. So, Adam’s pest prevention plans include only the pests most commonly found in restaurants. That way, you’re not paying for pests that don’t pose a threat to your restaurant. 

But what about…? No problem. Adam’s enables you to include additional pests in your prevention plan as your situation requires.

Fly Prevention

Adam’s Prevention Fly Service provides year-round control of house flies, blue and green bottle flies, drain flies, fruit flies, phorid flies, and fungus gnats. With Adam’s supplemental fly control, we correctly identify the problem flies and locate all of its breeding and feeding sources. Adam’s doesn’t just splash and dash, our fly prevention service includes monitoring, treatment, and exclusion. The Prevention Fly Service consists of a minimum of 8 regularly scheduled treatments per year, twice per month June through September (although your unique conditions may require additional services to mitigate an infestation).

Insect Light Traps

Insect Light Traps (ILTs) work great at catching flies, including filth flies, small flies, cluster flies, and other flying insects such as yellow jackets, Asian lady beetles, and red flour beetles. Whether you own your own ILTs or they are provided by Adam’s, proper placement and routine maintenance are key to their effectiveness. Turn the lights out on flying pests by letting Adam’s take the hassle out of managing your ILTs.

Stored Product Pests

If Indian meal moths, black or varied carpet beetles, or clothes moths ever become a problem, Adam’s has the solution. Adam’s one-time Stored Product pest control service includes a thorough inspection and treatment of the feeding, breeding, and resting areas. The treatment is warranted for one month.

Ready to take Pest Control Worries Off Your “To-do” List?

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