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Insect Light Traps

Monitor pest infestations with ILT’s

Insect light traps, or ILTs, work great for monitoring pest infestations by catching flying insects such as flies, yellow jackets, Asian lady beetles, and red flour beetles. The blue lamps are specifically designed to emit light at the ultraviolet wavelength. We can’t see the UV light, but flying insects can… some up to 30′ away or more.

Placement is Key

Proper placement is key to catching the most flying insects, but for other reasons too: Do not place an ILT where it can be easily damaged, above food prep or serving surfaces, or where it will attract flying insects in from the outside. Your Adam’s tech can help you locate the best place for an ILT.

Why are insects attracted to UV light?

Flying insects are most likely attracted to ILTs for warmth. For example, house flies prefer temperature about 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit, which is warmer than most interiors, so they seek warmer areas and are attracted to the ILT.

Are flying insects attracted to anything else?

Flies are constantly foraging for food and places to breed, but once inside they will be quickly attracted to warmth and then get caught in the ILT.

I had an ILT once, and it worked great in the beginning, but not as well later. Why?

ILT lamps should be replaced on an annual basis. Even though the lamps still light, the UV coating eventually wears off and will not attract as many flying insects. (We recommend changing lamps every spring.)

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