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Is that a bed bug?!
What do we do now?

Free, On-site Bed Bug Education

With Adam’s customized bed bug education, your staff will know where to look for bed bugs and what to do if they find them.

Bed Bug Education for Frontline Staff

This 90-minute on-site training can be customized to your business. General areas of training include:

Designed for: housekeeping, maintenance/janitorial personnel, nurses, aides, servers, clerks, and other personnel who routinely are in rooms or with customers, tenants, patients, and guests. 

Bed Bug Education for Management

This 2-hour on-site training session will provide your managers with practical, credible information on bed bug prevention and how to immediately begin monitoring and managing a bed bug infestation if and when bed bugs show up.

The training is customized to your unique property and can include topics such as:

Designed for managers, landlords, administrators, owners, and others who have decision-making authority.

Why Adam’s?

Adam’s Pest Control is nationally recognized within the pest management industry on the topic of bed bugs, and has provided speakers for the North American Bed Bug Summit, multiple regional bed bug seminars, industry association meetings, and many corporate training seminars.

Members of Adam’s staff have served on the national Blue Ribbon Bed Bug Task Force, the National Pest Management Association’s Bed Bug Work Group, and the Minnesota Bed Bug Advisory Committee. Adam’s training director is a Board Certified Entomologist with a Ph.D. in Entomology from the University of Vermont. Presenters are licensed pest control professionals; and in addition may be a certified detection dog handler.

Adam’s Pest Control was the first pest management company in Minnesota to commercially use heat to kill bed bugs and has pioneered the protocol for using heat to kill bed bugs that is being used by pest control companies around the U.S.

To learn more about Adam’s free, custom on-site bed bug training,
Call Jeff at 763-478-9810 X881.