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Adam’s Pest Control Is GreenPro Certified

Adam’s Pest Control has always taken into account what our customers are looking for when it comes to their pest control needs, and we have always tried to balance the needs and wants of our customers and all the while keeping what’s best for the environment in mind. This is why we are so excited to share with you that Adam’s Pest Control has been GreenPro Certified! The National Pest Management Association has honored us by recognizing all the work we have put into providing our customers with quality pest control services while still protecting the delicate environment that surrounds us!

Adam’s Pest Control fully believes in the main principle of GreenPro, including integrated pest management (IPM). IPM is the strategic plan to promote exclusion practices in order to keep pests outside and, therefore, eliminating or limiting the amount of pesticides needed to be used inside. IPM principles include habit modification, exclusion, getting rid of accessible food and water sources, increasing sanitation practices, repairing the source of the infestation, and providing regular monitoring services.

We believe that integrated pest management and its practices greatly reduce the number of pests entering into your home or commercial facility without the constant use of pesticides! Other GreenPro principles include detailed documentation, constant customer communication; and training for all employees so that they are completely confident and capable of providing customers with GreenPro services!

Being GreenPro certified means that our customers can expect that the professionals working for our company are trained and certified to administer GreenPro Services. Using GreenPro services minimizes the use of pesticide exposure to people, pets, and plants, which means that everyone wins, well, everyone except the pests! This certification should also give our customers peace of mind about the ethics of our programs. A GreenPro certification means that each of our certified programs is reviewed by independent pest management professionals before being put into place.

As you can tell Adam’s Pest control is very proud to have achieved this mark of excellence within the pest control community. We are dedicated to our customers and happy that we have joined this elite group. We are very confident that we are providing our customers with the most effective and Eco-friendly pest control services possible!

Contact Adam’s Pest Control today to speak to one of our professionals and learn more about our GreenPro Certified services!

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