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Adam’s Heat Treatment for Bed Bug Services

Bed bugs are a persistent and troublesome pest that can invade our homes, causing discomfort and frustration. Traditional pest control methods may not always be effective, leading many homeowners to seek alternative solutions. One increasingly popular and highly successful method is bed bug heat treatment.

How A Bed Bug Heat Treatment Works

Let’s take a brief look at an Adam’s heat treatment. When Adam’s does a heat treatment, we send a technician from our bed bug division to do the work. These technicians have specialization in bed bugs, making them an expert on these particularly frustrating pests. After we prepare the customer for the service, Adam’s utilizes a generator, heaters, fans, and a remote monitoring system (among other tools) to get the location up to temperature. Temperatures above 122°F are maintained for several hours to ensure the complete eradication of the infestation. Once we hit the target temperature/duration, we clean up and follow up with the customer.


Adam’s has the expertise and equipment to completely rid your home or business of bed bugs regardless of the size or location of the infestation. Heat is the most effective treatment for exterminating bed bugs. Adam’s can usually exterminate all of the bed bugs and any viable eggs with just one heat treatment. Because heat treatments offer no residual effect, Adam’s typically applies an EPA-proven pesticide to supplement the heat treatment. The service includes a follow-up inspection. The service is warranted for 21 days after the last application.

  • Adam’s A-Team uses state-of-the-art electric heaters
  • No carbon monoxide exhaust or smells
  • Temperature in the infested area is raised to a lethal level for bed bugs (122°F minimum)
  • Lethal temperature is maintained for 3 hours or longer, so the heat can thoroughly penetrate furniture, fixtures and belongings
  • Temperature level does not harm belongings. (Adam’s will inform you as to which items you may want to remove prior to treatment.)
  • Industrial fans circulate heated air throughout infested area
  • Adam’s A-Team continuously monitors the process throughout the treatment period
  • Adam’s never leaves your property unattended
  • Adam’s heat treatment is especially effective where conventional treatments cannot be tolerated.

If you think you have bed bugs there are 3 ways to do a bug ID through Adam’s

  1. Submit a picture through our website (adamspestcontrol.com/pest-info/identify-your-pest)
  2. Bring in a dead sample on a piece of tape in ziplock bag into our office
  3. Have on one of our technicians out for an inspection

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