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Are Boxelder Bugs Dangerous To Have In Your Nisswa Home?

Some bugs are dangerous to have around. Cockroaches, for instance, carry all sorts of bacteria and diseases. Ticks can bite and spread Lyme disease. And wasps, if they sting the right person, can be deadly. But what about boxelder bugs? Are they dangerous? Let’s take a look.

What is a boxelder bug?

A box elder bug is a black, almond-shaped agricultural bug that has reddish-orange trim around its edges. In summer, these bugs live on trees, mostly boxelder trees, but also maples, where they feast on leaves, seeds and flowers. They are known to eat fruit as well. But when fall comes creeping in, these bugs will look for a warm place to spend the winter. First, they will congregate on the sunny sides of buildings. But, as the temps continue to drop, they will look for ways to get inside. And this is when they can become a problem for homeowners.

Are boxelder bugs dangerous?

Generally speaking, boxelder bugs are not dangerous to humans. Although they are able to break the skin with their bite, they have little reason to want to bite humans. They can, however, cause damage to the beauty of your home, or to your belongings. Piles of boxelder bugs upon your window sills and walls are unsightly and, if they manage to get inside your home, their excrement can stain curtains, carpets, upholstery and even clothing.

How can you keep these bugs from entering your home?

  1. Make sure your door and window screens don’t have any holes or tears. Screens are the most common entry points for boxelder bugs.

  2. Inspect around your doors and windows for gaps, and install weather stripping if needed.

  3. Search the outside of your home for large or small entry points, gaps, or cracks where boxelder bugs (and other pests) can squeeze through. Use a caulking gun, or some other material, to seal the entry points you find. And don’t forget to look around where pipes, wires, air conditioning units, or other objects enter through your walls.

  4. Use mortar to fill in any gaps in your foundation, especially around basement windows.

  5. Get help from a professional pest control company.

While boxelder bugs may not be dangerous to you personally, they can be harmful to have on, or inside, your Nisswa home. And they can be a real hassle to get rid of once they have taken up residence, especially if they have found their way inside your wall voids.
If you need assistance keeping boxelder bugs, and other overwintering pests, out of your home, Adam’s Pest Control can help. Our QualityPro and GreenPro certified team has a strong track record for dealing with invasive pests. We are always here to help.

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