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Are Powder Post Beetles Dangerous?

There are many questions that seem fairly straightforward, but actually have a complicated answer, like, “Does this dress make me look fat?” and “Are powder post beetles dangerous?”

Obviously, on the surface, this is a simple question, with a simple answer. No. Powder post beetles are not dangerous. They won’t bite you or sting you. They’re beetles. And, as a general rule, beetles are harmless insects. But, if you’re a house, or a puppet made of wood, these beetles can be very dangerous–though this answer isn’t simple either. Adult powder post beetles aren’t nearly as dangerous as their larvae.

The real danger of powder post beetles is not properly identifying these pests. Improper identification can lead to improper pest control measures that fail to stop these destructive creatures. But, again, this also isn’t a simple answer. There might be someone out there reading this article right now who thinks it’s a cool thing to have insects boring holes in the wood of your home, and turning that wood into a flour-like powder. But for those of you who think that is a bad thing, we have good news for you. With proper identification from a professional, and modern pest control protocols, these wood-chewing pests can be fully eradicated.

In the identification process, a pest technician will determine whether or not the wood-destroying organisms are powder post beetles, or some other damaging pest such as termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, etc. They will determine whether or not the invading powder post beetles are actually powder post beetles. There are several species of powder post beetle that are less destructive. These are called “false” powder post beetles. And the pest protocol used will make sure that the appropriate pest is targeted. If powder post beetles are found in an inspection, the pest specialists here at Adam’s Pest Control will treat all infested wood with a long-lasting, penetrating material to ensure effective destruction of these insects and their larvae.

When you have ongoing service visits from Adam’s, you can trust that no pest will go undetected. And when destructive pests like termites, carpenter ants, and powder post beetles appear, they will not have free reign to destroy your home. Our QualityPro certified team uses the most advanced pest methods, designed by industry experts, to quickly solve pest issues and protect property from unnecessary damage.

Are powder post beetles dangerous? Yes. They are dangerous to your equity. Protect your home, and protect your investment, with ongoing pest control from Adam’s.

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