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Are You Experiencing Spider Infestations Like Everyone Else?

When people think about pests in their homes, most people’s first thought is ants or mice, but there are a lot of different types of insects and other pests that can invade and cause problems in homes. One such pest that is often forgotten about until they drop in and scare you to death in the shower is the spider. The good news when it comes to spiders is that no matter how creepy they appear, most species are not a huge danger to people, but the bad news is that they aren’t going to leave the plush accommodations of your home on their own accord.

Spiders can enter into your Minnesota home at any point during the year, but usually, it is in the fall when Minnesota homeowners start to notice that they have 8-legged intruders living inside of their home. During the spring and summer months, spiders are found mainly living outside. They are often attracted to properties that have gardens, compost piles, and even unsecured garbage cans. This is because all these things attract their main food source – flies and other insects! When the weather cools and food becomes scarce, spiders tend to move indoors to find safe, warm shelter; water; and the insects that have also decided to move inside for the winter.

Spiders cause more problems in your home than just startling you. They can be found in homes in large numbers. Even if only a few spiders have originally entered into your home, those spiders had more spiders; and they are all really enjoying all the benefits of easy indoor living. Also, many of the spiders that are found in homes create webs to catch their prey; but when those webs fail, they simply abandon them and make new ones. This habit leaves behind unsightly messes and creates more housework for you.

If spiders have invaded your Minnesota home, it is important to seek professional help to eliminate them. Having a spider infestation often means that there are other pest problems in your home and/or even problems with leaky pipes or fixtures. Spiders are reclusive by nature and professionals who have experience dealing with these pests know how to find, treat, and prevent future problems with spiders and the other insects that are attracting them!

At Adam’s Pest Control our QualityPro Certified pest control specialists can eliminate spider infestations through our year-round Premier Home Pest Prevention service plans. Through inspection, quarterly service visits, preventive treatments, and written service reports you will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you will never have to shower again with an 8-legged intruder staring at you from the corner of the bathroom. If spiders have shown an interest in your Minnesota home, contact the spider control experts at Adam’s Pest Control today!

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