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Aren’t Yellow Jackets A Summer Pest?

While yellow jackets and other stinging insects are certainly active in the summertime, it might surprise you to know that they become a greater problem later in the season and into fall.   If you’re thinking that’s not accurate and you or your family members have the stings to prove it, we get it.  If you spend any amount of time outdoors, you’re likely to run into these pests.  After all, yellow jackets enjoy your flower beds just as much as you do.  They also build their nests in the ground, so you’ve probably seen them buzzing around your lawn.  Hopefully, you’ve not been up close to nest with your lawn mower!     To really sort this one out, let’s take a look at their habits.  Spring and summer for yellow jackets is a busy time.  They’re reproducing and feeding their young with other insects they’ve caught out and about.  Numbers are relatively low at this point but as the summer progresses, the population grows and grows until it explodes later on in summer.  And by explode, we mean that there could be thousands of yellow jackets in a single nest.  The nest is maxed out and the food supplies they’ve relied on are becoming harder to find.  At this point they become a bit frenzied scavenging for food that will satisfy.  And you know what they find? Our sodas, sweet teas, and barbecue staples.   Yellow jackets have a sweet tooth and enjoy ripe fruit and sweet substances.  That’s why they’re often found around cups, cans, and bottles and stopping by picnics and barbecues more often.  Having no shame, yellow jackets will even dive into trash cans and dumpsters in order to score food for the nests.     If you notice an increase in yellow jacket activity this month and are concerned for the health of your family and even pets, contact Adam’s Pest Control.  As a local pest control company serving Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Plymouth as well as communities throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin, our team will respond fast and solve your problem – our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.  Don’t wait for yellow jackets to start raiding your family’s meals outside, reach out today!

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